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  ALZA Corporation is a pharmaceutical and medical systems company founded in 1968 by Dr Alejandro Zaffaroni; the company's name is a portmanteau of his name. In addition to a variety of pharmaceuticals, ALZA makes a range of drug delivery systems.

In May 2001 ALZA was acquired by Johnson & Johnson in a stock-for-stock transaction worth US$10.5 billion.

Drug delivery platforms

  • ALZAMER® Depot
  • D-TRANS®
  • DUROS® implant
  • E-TRANS® electrotransport
  • OROS® (Osmotic Release Oral Systems)
  • Macroflux® transdermal system
  • STEALTH® liposomal

ALZA Products marketed by other companies


ALZA Corporate Headquarters is in Mountain View, California at the Shoreline Business Park. Google's Googleplex is located just east of ALZA Plaza.

ALZA operates a large-scale clean manufacturing facility in Vacaville, California and another large-scale facility in Cashel, Ireland.

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