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Save expensive reagents and reduce waste with the right reservoir

The Top 3 Advantages

Reduced Dead Volumes


Transfer up to 12 Samples to a 96 Well Plate


Simplifies Pipetting With Small Volumes

12 Well Reagent Reservoirs

INTEGRA’s 12 well reagent reservoir is designed to simplify pipetting with small volumes, enabling simultaneous transfer of up to 12 different samples with a multichannel pipette.

 Reduced dead volumes

Each individual compartment holds up to 3 ml of liquid and comes with INTEGRA’s patented SureFlo™ anti-sealing array, so you no longer need to worry about your pipette tips creating a seal or vacuum. Combined with a specially formulated hydrophilic surface treatment to prevent liquids from pooling, this ensures very low dead volumes, significantly decreasing waste of expensive reagents and low volume samples.

 Straightforward liquid handling

The 12 well reservoir is perfect for multichannel pipetting of samples into an entire row or column of a 96 well plate – the 9 mm reservoir well spacing matches plate spacing – and performing serial dilutions. A single channel pipette can be used to complete a 12 well dilution within the reservoir, or individual samples can be added to each well, and then transferred and diluted within a microplate.  

 A range of options

The disposable inserts fit into a standard INTEGRA reservoir base, helping to reduce plastic waste and costs. Inserts are individually packaged in a case of 30 sterile bags and are compatible with any single or multichannel pipette with 9 mm well to well spacing, including INTEGRA’s EVOLVE manual pipettes or VIAFLO electronic pipettes, for handheld operation or in combination with the ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot.

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