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Simplicity in Cell Culture Monitoring

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Enables targeted testing with 9 key parameters


Allows to improve workflow through eliminating sample-to-sample delay


Simplifies quality control through automated liquid QC with continuous self-monitoring

More time to focus on your R&D project or other aspects of your production process

Stat Profile Prime CCS Comp is a cell culture chemistry monitoring solution allowing to simplify workflows.

Through focusing on key bloodgas parameters, cost effective analysis is enabled.

Constant readiness is provided through automated calibration and QC eliminating sample-to-sample delay.

This combined with high throughput of 45 samples per hour allows for leaner workflows.

Zero Maintenance Cartridge Technology saves time as no maintenance is required. 

  • cell culture development

  • media development

  • regenerative medicine

  • biosimilar production

  • analytical systems

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