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Amersham ImageQuant 800 systems: The New Generation of Highly Sensitive and Robust CCD Imagers

Gel & blot documentation made easy: No more trial and error!

The ImageQuant 800 imaging system comes equipped with touchscreen, two tray positions, and easy-access filter door.

Intelligent SNOW™ detection algorithm in chemiluminescence mode dramatically improved the dynamic range enabling accurate quantitation of both strong and weak bands.

Image across the full spectrum with the different LED light sources of the ImageQuant 800 Fluor imager.

Amersham ImageQuant 800 images a wide variety of different samples in multiple imaging modes. Colorimetric imaging results in high-resolution images for the most demanding applications.

Amersham™ ImageQuant™ 800 systems are a new generation of highly sensitive and robust charge-coupled device (CCD) imagers for capture of high-quality images in life science applications. This new range of systems is ideal for chemiluminescence, fluorescence, and colorimetric imaging of a wide variety of samples, including gels, membrane blots, multiwell plates, and petri dishes. Improved optics along with the new SNOW™ (signal-to-noise optimization watch) detection mode allows users to increase both sensitivity and image quality. The system combines an intuitive control software along with ImageQuant CONNECT software, a connection tool which allows access to the imager from remote locations over the network.

Key benefits of ImageQuant 800 systems

  • Exceptional sensitivity and image quality with SNOW detection mode
    Eliminate guessing when choosing exposure times.
  • Versatile with many life science applications from one CCD imager
    Gain the ability to image across the full spectrum using a single system.
  • Ideal for multi-user labs
    Access system remotely via ImageQuant CONNECT tool to share images and schedule experiments.

Stand out from the crowd with SNOW detection mode

Using the SNOW (signal-to-noise optimization watch) imaging mode, detect more weak bands in your Western blot and achieve high sensitivity without compromising image quality.

  • Increase sensitivity by up to 2x more than current CCD imagers
  • Extend the dynamic range by avoiding saturation

The ImageQuant 800 system will automatically stop when the best possible image is acquired, eliminating the need to spend time optimizing exposure and capture settings.

Capture images across the full spectrum with a variety of dyes

The ImageQuant 800 system is equipped with six different types of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and corresponding filters, making imaging easy for a wide variety of applications beyond chemiluminescence, such as:

  • red, green, and blue (RGB) fluorescence for Western blots
  • infrared (IR) long and IR short fluorescence
  • ultraviolet (UV) fluorescence for DNA stains
  • epi-white light for automatic color marker overlay and gel documentation
  • trans-white light for densitometry applications

Functional, yet flexible, design

Save space and easily integrate the ImageQuant 800 system into your operation with the new functional, yet flexible, design.

  • Small overall footprint with a 12.1” built-in touch screen and powerful mini external computer
  • Ability to connect to the network with ease and set up the external computer to meet your institution requirements
  • Image more than gels and Western blots
  • Resolve proteins that are close in molecular weight with ease

Find out more on about applications & specs on product web-page and register for your personal demonstration request of the instrument.

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