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Solvias AG, Switzerland

Solvias is a privately held company located in Basel/Switzerland. With over 300 highly qualified employees, Solvias supports the research and development of new drug substances and the optimization of manufacturing processes for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life science companies worldwide. Cu more

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  • Potential cause for lupus identified

    Leading rheumatologist and Feinstein Institute for Medical Research Professor Betty Diamond, MD, may have identified a protein as a cause for the adverse reaction of the immune system in patients suffering from lupus. A better understanding of how the immune system becomes overactive will help lead more

  • Purdue-based startup develops software to reduce drug discovery losses

    A Purdue-based startup is developing molecular modeling simulation software that could help pharmaceutical companies more accurately predict the crystal structure of a drug once produced, helping maintain a consistent drug quality and save costs when developing new drugs. Lyudmila Slipchenko, associ more

  • Antisocial behaviour: Understanding the influence of genes and the environment

    A gene involved in the regulation of emotions and behaviour could influence the long-term impact of violence experienced in childhood on antisocial behaviour. This is the finding of a longitudinal study carried out by a team of researchers at the Institut universitaire en santé mentale de Montréal ( more

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The Polymorphs of Chocolate

With Easter upcoming, here’s another graphic on chocolate to go with the previous food chemistry graphic which looked at some of the chemicals it contains. This one examines the different structures of chocolate, why the tempering process is important to produce the highest quality chocolate – and w more

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Chromosomal polymorphism

Chromosomal polymorphism Polymorphism is a general concept in biology, referring to a more than one version of a trait being actively present in a population. Chomosomal polymorphism refers to the condition where one species contains members wi ... more


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