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  • Study: Superbug MRSA infections less costly, but still deadly

    Staph infections, whether MRSA (resistant to methicillin) or susceptible, are important and deadly. Drug-resistant staph infections continue to be deadlier than those that are not resistant and treatable with traditional antibiotics, but treatment costs surprisingly are the same or slightly less, a more

  • Molecule may help tame virulent bacteria and prevent infection

    According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about one in three humans carries Staphylococcus aureus, or "staph," in our noses, and 2 percent of us carry the dreaded methicillin-resistant (MRSA) strain that thwarts common antibiotics. So how is it that most of us never get sick more

  • DNA testing can rapidly solve Legionnaires' disease outbreaks

    A DNA test method called polymerase chain reaction (PCR) allowed New York City health officials to identify the source of a Legionnaires' disease outbreak within hours of specimen collection and should be considered in all Legionnaires' outbreak investigations, researchers say in the April issue of more

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Using Lung Ultrasound to Diagnose Pneumonia

Lung ultrasound may be a safe substitute for chest x-ray when diagnosing pneumonia in children. more

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  • Mexico Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Report Q4 2012

    Executive Summary BMI View: Mexico has swapped positions with Brazil within BMI’s Risk/Reward Rating assessment in Q412, indicating the possibility of fundamental changes in the two markets due to the macroeconomic factors. We note that the improving regulatory environment as well as the outperformi more

  • Pneumonia – Pipeline Review, H2 2012

    Introduction Global Markets Direct’s, 'Pneumonia - Pipeline Review, H2 2012', provides an overview of the Pneumonia therapeutic pipeline. This report provides information on the therapeutic development for Pneumonia, complete with latest updates, and special features on late-stage and discontinued more

  • Thailand Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Report Q4 2012

    BMI View: Over the medium to long term, Thailand will be facing intensive competition from neighbouring countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines as they roll out plans to improve healthcare coverage and boost growth in the pharmaceutical industry. The intense competition coupled with th more

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Pneumonia Pneumonia is an inflammatory illness of the lung . Frequently, it is described as lung parenchyma /alveolar (microscopic air-filled sacs of the lung responsible for absorbing oxygen from the atmosphere ) inflammation and (abnorma ... more


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