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Peptide Synthesis

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CEM GmbH, Germany

CEM is the leading provider of microwave solutions for the laboratory, industrial and scientific marketplace. Since creating this market 20 years ago, we have sold almost 20,000 systems. Despite this obvious success, we believe microwave chemistry is still an emerging technology and presents tremend more

Agrisera AB, Sweden

Agrisera provides high quality antibodies for research on various aspects of plant & algal cell biology including miRNA, stress, photosynthesis and others including marker antibodies for plant cellular compartments. Our antibody collection contains also unique reagents animal cell biology research. more

Sulfotools GmbH, Germany

Sulfotools GmbH is a young start-up from Darmstadt, Germany, that has developed a novel, sustainable and cost-effective alternative for the chemical peptide production. The Clean Peptide Technology is based on new, water-soluble protecting groups for peptide synthesis, the application of which allow more

Products Peptide Synthesis

Microwave Peptide Synthesis – Pure Peptides in a Few Hours

Microwave energy offers benefits for both the coupling and deprotection reactions during peptide synthesis more

Quality Chemicals and Expert Support from Research to Production

Explore our broad range of chemicals for every stage of product development, and see how you can benefit from our technical and regulatory expertise more

News Peptide Synthesis

  • CEM acquires key assets of Intavis Bioanalytical Instruments

    CEM Corporation announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to purchase the instrumentation lines of Intavis Bioanalytical Instruments AG, with headquarters in Cologne Germany. The acquisition allows CEM to strengthen its product offering in the Life Sciences for proteomics, in-situ hy more

  • En route to custom-designed natural products

    Microorganisms often assemble natural products similar to industrial assembly lines. Certain enzymes, non-ribosomal peptide synthetases (NRPS) play a key role in this process. Biotechnologists at Goethe University have now been able to discover how these enzymes interact with each other. This brings more

  • High efficiency synthesis of insulin by self-assembly based organic chemistry

    Researchers at Tokai University, Osaka University, Tohoku University and Fukuoka University on the synthesis of insulin based on the self-assembly of polypeptide chains at about 40% efficiency. This new approach is expected to enable flexibility in synthesizing order made insulin compounds that cann more

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Microwave Peptide Synthesis – Pure Peptides in a Few Hours

CEM Corporation is transforming the way chemists perform peptide synthesis once again with the introduction of the Liberty Blue microwave peptide synthesizer. With 4 minute cycle times and a 90% solvent reduction, no other peptide synthesizer on the market can even come close to the performance of t more

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Peptide synthesis

Peptide synthesis In organic chemistry , peptide synthesis is the creation of peptide s, which are organic compound s in which multiple amino acid s bind via peptide bond s which are also known as amide bonds. Chemistry Peptides are synthesized ... more


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