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  • Diseases occur when the network of regulatory autoantibodies gets out of balance

    Autoantibodies, i.e. antibodies directed against the body's own structures, are usually associated with autoimmune diseases like rheumatism. However, they are in fact a normal part of the immune system in healthy people. There is apparently a network of autoantibodies, which are fine-tuned with each more

  • How resistant cancer cells can be fought

    An international research team under the co-direction of the University of Bern and the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) has discovered various mechanisms of resistance to cancer therapy. The findings help researchers to understand the self-repair of cancer cells after a therapy and thus help to f more

  • New drug combination helps kickstart the immune system to fight back against cancer

    Scientists from King's College London have found a way to boost the immune system to help it fight back against cancer. The breakthrough involves the first ever use of a combination of chemotherapy and a drug being trialled as a treatment for neonatal jaundice, that together help kick start the body more

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PARP-inhibitors: A New Generation of Cancer Drugs

First of new generation of cancer drugs granted European approvalA new drug for ovarian cancer, developed by researchers at the University of Cambridge and AstraZeneca, has become the first of new class of drugs, known as PARP-inhibitors, to be granted approval anywhere in the world. The drug, L ... more

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The Chemistry of Ginger

Ginger is a spice that can be commonly found in supermarkets and in the kitchen, either as the fresh root, or in dried, powdered form. It adds a strong, pungent flavour to dishes as a consequence of a number of chemical compounds it contains; additionally, these compounds are altered when the ginger more

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Ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer Ovarian cancer is a malignant tumor , of any histology , on or within an ovary . Because many ovarian tumors are benign but have the potential to become malignant, a broad definition of ovarian cancer includes all ovarian tumo ... more


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