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  • Researcher finds key clues about 'betel nut' addiction

    For hundreds of millions of people around the world, chewing betel nut produces a cheap, quick high but also raises the risk of addiction and oral cancer. Now, new findings by a University of Florida Health researcher reveal how the nut's psychoactive chemical works in the brain and suggest that an more

  • Green tea ingredient may target protein to kill oral cancer cells

    A compound found in green tea may trigger a cycle that kills oral cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone, according to Penn State food scientists. The research could lead to treatments for oral cancer, as well as other types of cancer.Earlier studies had shown that epigallocatechin-3-gallate more

  • Researchers home in on way to predict aggressiveness of oral cancer

    Studying mouth cancer in mice, researchers have found a way to predict the aggressiveness of similar tumors in people, an early step toward a diagnostic test that could guide treatment, according to researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. "All patients with advanced hea more

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Oral cancer

Oral cancer Oral cancer is any cancerous tissue growth located in the mouth . It may arise as a primary lesion originating in any of the oral tissues, by metastasis from a distant site of origin, or by extension from a neighboring anatomic str ... more


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