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Malaria detectable in olfactory cocktail


ETH researchers have discovered odour profiles typical of people infected with acute or asymptomatic malaria. This is a first promising step towards a low-cost diagnostic test that can be used in the field in developing countries. Malaria is still a deadly disease in tropical and subtropical ...


Agilent Technologies Receives Multiple Awards at Scientific Conference in China


Agilent Technologies announced that it received three awards at the Annual Conference of China Scientific Instruments (ACCSI) 2017 in Nanjing, China. Agilent received the following awards: Green Product of the Year, Most Popular Scientific Instrument, and Most Influential Foreign Manufacturer. ...


'Sniffing' urine to detect prostate cancer could prevent unnecessary biopsies


On the list of dreaded medical tests, a prostate biopsy probably ranks fairly high. The common procedure requires sticking a needle into the prostate gland to remove tissue for assessment. Thousands of men who undergo the uncomfortable procedure, prompted by a positive PSA (prostate-specific ...


Saliva test to detect GHB and alcohol poisonings


Scientists working at Loughborough University, UK, and the University of Cordoba, Spain, have developed a new method for the rapid diagnosis of poisoning in apparently drunk patients. The saliva-based test offers the potential to screen for poisons commonly associated with the cheap or imitation ...


Earwax: A new frontier of human odor information

Odor-producing chemicals in earwax differ according to ethnic origin


Scientists from the Monell Center have used analytical organic chemistry to identify the presence of odor-producing chemical compounds in human earwax. Further, they found that the amounts of these compounds differ between individuals of East Asian origin and Caucasians. The findings suggest that ...


Cornell professor gets anti-doping grant to detect steroid use in athletes


J. Thomas Brenna, Cornell professor of nutritional sciences, has a new task: to find better ways to detect steroids in urine to improve drug testing of athletes for performance-enhancing substances. The Partnership for Clean Competition, a research collaborative founded last year by the National ...


SIDMAP Opens New Laboratory


SIDMAP, the leading provider of tracer-based dynamic metabolic phenotyping services that help biotech and pharmaceutical companies improve the drug discovery process, today announced the opening of a new, state-of-the-art laboratory in West Los Angeles, California. The lab provides additional ...


Eurofins Launches New Service for the Analysis of Acrylamide in Food


Galten/Brussels, May 14, 2002 On April 24, 2002 the Swedish National Food Administration (NFA) in Uppsala announced that acrylamide, a potentially carcinogenic chemical, which is suspected of causing cancer, was found in carbohydrate-rich foods that are processed at high temperatures, such as ...


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