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Key enzyme for production of second-generation ethanol discovered in Brazilian Amazon


Second-generation ethanol (also called cellulosic ethanol) open perspectives for optimizing alcohol production. Since 2G ethanol is obtained from from sugarcane straw and bagasse, it basically makes it possible converting waste into energy. Holder of the world's best biomass and boasting the ...


Novozymes and Terranol to market advanced biofuel yeast


Novozymes and Terranol, a Denmark-based biotechnology company specialized in yeast, announced an agreement that will ensure the final optimization of the Terranol C5 yeast strain and give Novozymes the rights to register and market Terranol’s C5 yeast technology. C5 yeast is an essential ...


DEINOVE partners with VTT Technical


DEINOVE announced a major partnership agreement with VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. "We are delighted to welcome VTT's talented scientists onboard the DEINOL project. VTT is the largest multitechnological research organisation in Northern Europe. It is especially renowned for its ...


Novozymes and Lignol sign deal to make biofuel from wood

Partners to develop a commercially viable process for making ethanol from forestry waste


Novozymes and Lignol Energy Corporation signed a research and development agreement to make biofuel from wood chips and other forestry residues. The partners aim to develop a process for making biofuel from forestry waste at a production cost down to $2 per gallon, a price competitive with ...


Commercial Production of Cellulosic Biofuel on Fast Track in China

COFCO, Sinopec and Novozymes to Construct Biofuel Demonstration Facility by 2011


Novozymes, COFCO and Sinopec signed a Memorandum of Understanding covering the next steps towards commercialization of cellulosic biofuel in China. As part of the agreement, COFCO and Sinopec will build a cellulosic ethanol demonstration plant which Novozymes will supply with enzymes. The new ...


More economical process for making ethanol from nonfood sources


Scientists in Wisconsin are reporting discovery of a way to lower the cost of converting wood, corn stalks and leaves, switch grass, and other non-food biomass materials into ethanol fuel. They describe their process, which reduces amounts of costly enzymes needed to break down tough fibrous ...


First parasitic nematodes reported in biofuel crops


Researchers at the Energy Biosciences Institute (EBI) at the University of Illinois have discovered widespread occurrence of plant-parasitic nematodes in the first reported nematode survey of Miscanthus and switchgrass plants used for biofuels. Lead researcher Tesfamariam Mekete, a U of I ...


Butalco announces it is to produce its first cellulosic ethanol in summer 2010


This summer, Butalco will use its proprietary new yeast technology to produce biofuel from agricultural waste in a pilot plant in Southern Germany. Butalco's new microbial catalysts will enable up to 30% increased yields in cellulosic ethanol production. Cellulosic biomass, like plant waste ...


Louisiana Tech researchers using nanotechnology in biofuel process to save money, environment


Dr. James Palmer, associate professor of chemical engineering at Louisiana Tech University, is collaborating with fellow professors Dr. Yuri Lvov, Dr. Dale Snow, and Dr. Hisham Hegab to capitalize on the environmental and financial benefits of "biofuels" by using nanotechnology to further improve ...


Growing Fuel and Medicine: Advancing Biofuels and Plant-Produced Therapeutics

Scientists from WPI and the Arkansas Bioscience Institute Present their Latest Research on Cellulosic


Can biofuels produced from non-food plant products like corn stalks or wood chips ever become a commercial reality? Can plants be engineered to grow vaccines or anti-cancer drugs? These and other questions were explored by researchers from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) and the Arkansas ...


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