Game changer in fighting cancer: BioCopy expands corporate portfolio with acquisition of start-up Perspix Biotech

"BioCopy is able to accelerate the development time from a decade long marathon to a fast sprint"

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The acquisition radically accelerates the discovery and development of next generation biological drug candidates through Perspix' end-to-end automated development platform roPROTix (symbolic image).

BioCopy AG, a research-based biotechnology company headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, announced the acquisition of Perspix Biotech GmbH. Founded in 2021 and based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Perspix Biotech with its end-to-end automated platform roPROTix combines artificial intelligence and robotics for the discovery and development of next-generation multi-specific biotherapeutics. As part of BioCopy AG, Perspix Biotech GmbH will be renamed as BioCopy Analytix GmbH and provide analytical and other services to the company group.

“Integrating Perspix Biotech’s technology into our existing drug discovery ecosystem is a key strategic milestone for our business”, said Dr. Matthias Wiedenfels, CEO of BioCopy. “With BioCopy’s expertise in precision screening of cancer targets for the development of novel complex biotherapeutics, and the newly acquired know-how in end-to-end automated optimization and development of such drug candidates, we now tightly intertwine both technologies into one truly innovative AI-powered and experimental data-driven, automated development platform – which sets BioCopy apart.”

The acquisition is Wiedenfels’ first transformative act in his position as BioCopy’s CEO which he took over in late 2023. He has an outstanding history as top manager with over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, especially in his former role as CEO of the international pharmaceutical company STADA Arzneimittel AG, in which he achieved impressive increases in value for the company, its shareholders and patients.

“The current joined efforts put our company at the forefront of AI-powered engineering of complex, multi-specific biotherapeutics. BioCopy is able to accelerate the development time from a decade long marathon to a fast sprint. Our drug candidates carry minimal risks and promise pharmaceutical companies a maximum success rate”, commented Dr. Jörg Birkenfeld, CSO at BioCopy since early 2024. Birkenfeld is the mastermind behind the automated lab. He has extensive experience in biotherapeutics development, particularly in engineering therapeutic antibodies, and held leading research positions at renowned pharmaceutical companies such as Bayer and Sanofi.

“Our first move is to take significantly faster paths in the search for new cancer drugs. Our longer-term goal is to expand our endeavors beyond cancer by developing next generation biotherapeutics also against immunological and neurological disorders”, said Wiedenfels.

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