Heraeus expands capacity for platinum-based active pharmaceutical ingredients to treat cancer

12-Aug-2021 - Germany

Heraeus has significantly built up its manufacturing capacity for active pharmaceutical ingredients to fight cancer. The company announced that its new production line for platinum-based pharmaceutical ingredients located at its headquarters in Hanau is now running at full speed, and customers have already received the first deliveries of active ingredients. The company’s multi-million Euro investment is in response to the global increase in demand for cancer drugs while consolidating its position as the global market leader for platinum-based active ingredients.

Heraeus Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG

“We are proud to have brought this project to a successful conclusion in such a short time. Our customers can now benefit from our additional capacity and shorter delivery times for top-quality active ingredients,” says Marcus Hannakam, Head of Pharmaceutical Ingredients.

Project launched at the end of 2018

The business line began building the new production line in accordance with the latest EHS and GMP requirements at its headquarters in Hanau at the end of 2018. “The global increase in demand for our active ingredients and the concentration on experienced, reliable manufacturers were the key for our investment. This represents a major step toward long-term success, both for our customers and for Heraeus Pharmaceutical Ingredients,” Hannakam explains.

The important role of platinum-based highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients (Pt hAPIs)

Pt hAPIs are important resources in treating cancer, especially in combination therapies, and are used to combat diseases such as lung cancer, colorectal cancer, ovarian cancer, and testicular cancer. The demand for Pt hAPIs in cancer treatment is rising for various reasons: demographic change is resulting in more and more cancer patients, while access to chemotherapies in emerging economies is improving. As a result, the current market availability of these vital ingredients is reaching its limits, which affects not only the pharmaceutical industry, but the entire healthcare system as well.

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