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Natural Killer Cells

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  • Breast cancer cells turn killer immune cells into allies

    Researchers at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine have discovered that breast cancer cells can alter the function of immune cells known as Natural killer (NK) cells so that instead of killing the cancer cells, they facilitate their spread to other parts of the body. The study, which will be more

  • New treatment approach uses killer cells to treat deadly brain tumors

    Glioblastomas are the most common malignant brain tumors in adults. Treatment options are extremely limited and usually not effective, leading to death for most patients within 12-18 months of diagnosis. This is the type of cancer that claimed the lives of former U.S. Sens. John McCain and Ted Kenne more

  • A new pathway to "reprogram" killer cells

    Killer cells of the immune system detect and kill infected cells or cancer cells. Researchers at the Institute of Pathology at the University of Bern have now discovered that the mechanism by which certain immune cells kill their target cells can also be used to control the killer cells themselves. more

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