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Mycobacterium Tuberculosis

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  • Blocking the Iron Transport Could Stop Tuberculosis

    The bacteria that cause tuberculosis need iron to survive. Researchers at the University of Zurich have now solved the first detailed structure of the transport protein responsible for the iron supply. When the iron transport into the bacteria is inhibited, the pathogen can no longer grow. This open more

  • Tuberculosis: New insights into the pathogen

    Researchers at the University of Würzburg and the Spanish Cancer Research Centre have gained new insights into the pathogen that causes tuberculosis. The work published in Nature provides the basis for a new approach in antibiotic therapy. Tuberculosis is a highly contagious infectious disease that more

  • Small-volume, high-throughput organic synthesis

    University of Groningen Professor of Drug Design, Alexander Dömling, has devised a method to rapidly synthesize thousands of new molecules and evaluate their properties as potential drugs. In a paper published by Science Advances on 5 July, he shows that this method works well when applied to boroni more

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Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Mycobacterium tuberculosis Mycobacterium tuberculosis is the bacterium that causes most cases of tuberculosis . It was first described on March 24 , 1882 by Robert Koch , who subsequently received the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine f ... more


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