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  • Bacteria can 'divide and conquer' to vanquish their enemies

    Some bacteria can release toxins that provoke their neighbours into attacking each other, a tactic that could be exploited to fight infections. Bacteria often engage in 'warfare' by releasing toxins or other molecules that damage or kill competing strains. This war for resources occurs in most bacte more

  • Unexpected environmental source of methane discovered

    Nitrogen-fixing bacteria are the chief means by which nitrogen gas in the air is changed into a form that plants and animals can use. Roughly 10 percent of these nitrogen-fixing microorganisms contain the genetic code for manufacturing a back-up enzyme, called iron iron-only nitrogenase, to do their more

  • Enterome and Nestlé Health Science launch new diagnostics company

    ENTEROME SA and Nestlé Health Science, announce the joint creation of Microbiome Diagnostics Partners (MDP). This company will bring together complementary, world-leading platforms and capabilities enabling the discovery and development of innovative diagnostics through to commercialization in multi more

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