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  • Preventing tumour metastasis

    When cancer cells spread in the body, secondary tumours, called metastases, can develop. These are responsible for around 90 percent of deaths in cancer patients. An important pathway for spreading the cancer cells is through the lymphatic system, which, like the system of blood vessels, runs throug more

  • Detecting cancer before it spreads

    The European Patent Office (EPO) announces that cancer researcher Patrizia Paterlini-Bréchot has been nominated as one of three finalists for the European Inventor Award 2019 in the category "Research" for developing a blood filtering technology for the early detection of cancer. Her invention make more

  • Conversion of breast cancer cells into fat cells impedes the formation of metastases

    An innovative combination therapy can force malignant breast cancer cells to turn into fat cells. This can be used to prevent the formation of metastases in mice, as researchers at the University of Basel’s Department of Biomedicine recently reported in the journal Cancer Cell. Tumor cells can adapt more

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