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  • Drug may curb female infertility from cancer treatments

    An existing drug may one day protect premenopausal women from life-altering infertility that commonly follows cancer treatments, according to a new study. Women who are treated for cancer with radiation or certain chemotherapy drugs are commonly rendered sterile. According to a 2006 study from Weill more

  • 3-D printed ovaries produce healthy offspring

    Used 3-D printing to create bioprosthetic mouse ovary to restore fertility, boost hormone production Targeted to women who survived childhood cancer, have had treatments that affect hormones and fertility "The holy grail of bioengineering for regenerative medicine" CHICAGO --- The brave new world of more

  • BMI genotype and breast cancer risk

    Being overweight is associated with decreased risk of breast cancer before menopause and increased risk after menopause. In a study Wei Zheng , Ph.D., M.D., and colleagues investigate these contrasting associations. They use data from 145,056 women, and a list of genetic variants found in genomic st more

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Menopause The word menopause literally means the permanent physiological, or natural, cessation of menstrual cycles , from the Greek roots 'meno-' (month) and 'pausis' (a pause, a cessation). In other words, menopause means the natural and perman ... more


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