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  • Vitamin A orange maize improves night vision

    A new study has found that vitamin A-biofortified orange maize significantly improves visual functions in children. The study was conducted among school-aged children (4 to 8 years old) in rural Zambia. Children who ate orange maize showed improved night vision within six months. Their eyes adapted more

  • Feeding the world by rewiring plant 'mouths'

    Plants have tiny pores on their leaves called stomata through which they take in carbon dioxide from the air and from which water evaporates. New work from the lab of Dominique Bergmann, honorary adjunct staff member at Carnegie's Department of Plant Biology and professor at Stanford University, rev more

  • University of Caen study no reason for re-evaluation of genetically modified NK603 maize

    The BfR has scientifically assessed the publication by Séralini et al. (2012). The authors’ conclusion that rats fed with genetically modified NK603 maize throughout their life have a shorter lifespan than animals fed with conventional maize is not sufficiently corroborated by experiments. This is t more

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Maize Maize () (Zea mays L . ssp. mays), known as corn in some countries, is a cereal grain that was domesticated in Mesoamerica and then spread throughout the American continents. Maize spread to the rest of the world after European contact ... more


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