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  • New hopes for therapy of chronic fatigue

    Most people aren’t worn out by simple daily tasks requiring little exertion. But those with chronic fatigue syndrome might be exhausted by a walk across the room. A study by University of Florida Health researchers published recently in the Journal of Pain Research provides a possible explanation fo more

  • Acupuncture's molecular effects pinned down

    In a paper published in Nature Neuroscience, a team at the University of Rochester Medical Center identifies the molecule adenosine as a central player in parlaying some of the effects of acupuncture in the body. Building on that knowledge, scientists were able to triple the beneficial effects of ac more

  • NLS-101 Phase II clinical trial starts

    NeuroDiscovery Ltd announced that it has commenced the Phase II clinical trial for NSL-101 for periodontitis. The study is a 50 patient, double-blind, randomized, controlled evaluation of the analgesic efficacy, anti-inflammatory activity and safety of NSL-101 gel compared with the standard analgesi more

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Lidocaine Lidocaine (INN ) () or lignocaine (former BAN ) () is a common local anesthetic and antiarrhythmic drug. Lidocaine is used topically to relieve itching, burning and pain from skin inflammations, injected as a dental anesthetic, and i ... more


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