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  • From gut to space

    Scientists from Umeå university have shown how the yeast Candida albicans can modulate and adapt to low oxygen levels in different body niches to cause infection and to harm the host. Studying adaption to hypoxic or anoxic niches is particularly fruitful, since it helps us to understand the pathogen more

  • Faulty immune receptor could be reason why many face HIV complications

    For HIV patients, treatments that control the infection have come a long way. But many still struggle with a host of other disease-related complications such as neurocognitive disorders, cardiovascular issues, diabetes and chronic inflammation. Why these complications occur isn't exactly known, but more

  • A golden ticket to faster muscle recovery

    Anyone who has ever torn or injured a muscle knows that swelling, redness, and pain soon follow the injury: classic signs of inflammation. Inflammation is the body’s natural response to promote healing, but prolonged, excess inflammation in the muscles can contribute to the progression of chronic di more

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The Chemistry of Stinging Nettles

Doubtless the majority of people reading this will, at some point in their life, have had the unpleasant experience of being stung by stinging nettles. But what chemicals do stinging nettles contain that elicit this effect? Further to that, a commonly espoused remedy for the stings, in the UK at lea more

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Exploring Rodent Models of MS and Demyelination: Phenotypes, Biomarkers and In Vivo Imaging

Rodent models have long played a key role in understanding multiple sclerosis (MS) and in developing therapies that effectively target the disease. With a focus on models that reflect the inflammation and demyelination process, this webinar examines those most useful in MS research and how phenotyp


Phenotypic Screening - Complex and Disease Relevant Human Primary Cell Assays

                        In the past few years, there has been a revival of phenotypic screening for hit discovery and profiling. It is generally accepted that overexpression of targets in heterologous systems has a risk of creating functional artefacts, and in principle, such an assay is single-tar

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  • Inflammatory decoy control

    Sepsis Bacterial infection can lead to sepsis, inflammation, and death. Li et al. found that the long noncoding RNA MEG3-4 and the mRNA encoding the proinflammatory cytokine interleukin-1β (IL-1β) competitively bound to the microRNA miR-138 in the lungs of bacterially infected mice. Initially, more

  • Controlled activation

    T Cell Activation At the intestinal barrier, lymphocyte activation is a tightly regulated process that enables rapid responses to pathogens but avoids destructive inflammation. Konjar et al. examined how intraepithelial lymphocytes (IELs) maintain a controlled activation state, which is influenced more

  • Mechanism of gasdermin D recognition by inflammatory caspases and their inhibition by a gasdermin D-derived peptide inhibitor [Immunology and Inflammation]

    The inflammasomes are signaling platforms that promote the activation of inflammatory caspases such as caspases-1, -4, -5, and -11, which cleave gasdermin D (GSDMD) to induce pyroptotic cell death. The mechanisms of GSDMD recognition by inflammatory caspases remain poorly understood. Here, we demons more

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  • Migami, Inc. - Strategic SWOT Analysis Review

    Migami, Inc. (Migami) is a publicly held development stage pharmaceutical company. It is principally engaged in the distribution of pharmaceutical products. The company markets pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, transdermal products and other technologies primarily in Asian markets. The company has licensi more

  • Chemizon, Inc. - Strategic SWOT Analysis Review

    Chemizon, Inc. (Chemizon) is a biotechnology company, engaged in the discovery and development of innovative therapeutics. The company owns an integrated drug discovery platform based on medical chemistry, biology, computational chemistry, ADME/DMPK and pharmacology to accelerate drug development pr more

  • Cardiovascular Inflammation – Pipeline Review, H2 2012

    Introduction Global Markets Direct’s, 'Cardiovascular Inflammation - Pipeline Review, H2 2012', provides an overview of the Cardiovascular Inflammation therapeutic pipeline. This report provides information on the therapeutic development for Cardiovascular Inflammation, complete with latest update more

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Inflammation on the skin, showing the redness and swelling characteristic of inflammation (presents as darkening in people with dark skin). Black rings of necrotic tissue surround central areas of pus Inflammation (Latin , inflammatio, to set ... more


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