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  • Emerging stem cell ethics

    It has been 20 years since the first derivation of human embryonic stem cells. That milestone marked the start of a scientific and public fascination with stem cells, not just for their biological properties but also for their potentially transformative medical uses. The next two decades of stem cel more

  • Diurnal down-regulation of ethylene biosynthesis mediates biomass heterosis [Plant Biology]

    Heterosis is a fundamental biological phenomenon and important to crop and animal production. However, molecular mechanisms for heterosis remain elusive. Ethylene promotes fruit ripening but inhibits vegetative growth. Here we report that diurnal down-regulation of ethylene biosynthesis genes in Ara more

  • An unappreciated role for neutrophil-DC hybrids in immunity to invasive fungal infections

    by J. Scott Fites, Michael Gui, John F. Kernien, Paige Negoro, Zeina Dagher, David B. Sykes, Jeniel E. Nett, Michael K. Mansour, Bruce S. Klein Neutrophils are classically defined as terminally differentiated, short-lived cells; however, neutrophils can be long-lived with phenotypic plasticity. D more

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Bird hybrid

Bird hybrid x Scarlet Macaw hybrid. A bird hybrid is basically a bird that has two different species as parents. The resulting bird can present with any combination of characters from the parent species, from totally identical to completely d ... more


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