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Sovicell GmbH, Germany

Sovicell is dedicated to providing trusted state-of-the-art ADMET products and services that enable its customers to rapidly obtain accurate and reproducible pharmacokinetic data about their drug candidates. The TRANSIL technology platform underpins the Company’s reliable membrane permeability and p more

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  • Liquid crystal liver

    The currently used simplified model of mammalian liver tissue can only show in a limited way how liver tissue is structured and formed. Almost 70 years later, researchers at the Max Planck Institutes of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics as well as for the Physics of Complex Systems together with t more

  • Malaria-causing parasite manipulates liver cells to survive

    When the malaria-causing Plasmodium parasite first slips into the human bloodstream, injected by the bite of an infected mosquito, it does not immediately target red blood cells. Instead, it seeks refuge inside the liver and rapidly reproduces, copying itself as many as 30,000 times in the span of 4 more

  • New study identifies targets to lessen the effects of alcoholic liver disease

    In 2015, nearly half of 80,000 deaths due to liver diseases in the United States were related to alcoholic liver disease (ALD), according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Chronic alcohol consumption causes abnormal fat accumulation in liver cells (steatosis) and liver fibro more

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