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  • Eliminating hepatitis C viruses effectively

    The treatment of hepatitis C has been based on specific effective antiviral medications for a number of years. Since future development of resistance cannot be ruled out, alternative treatment options are being researched as well. So-called cell entry inhibitors are considered to be promising candid more

  • Big Data against hepatitis

    An extremely fast reproducing virus variant is to blame for the therapy resistance of hepatitis E. Still, it has now helped researchers create a cell culture model. As far as research is concerned, hepatitis E (HEV) had long led a shadowy existence – even though it is the main cause for acute viral more

  • Findings could lead to treatment of hepatitis B

    Researchers at the University of Delaware, working with colleagues at Indiana University, have gained new insights into the virus that causes hepatitis B -- a life-threatening and incurable infection that afflicts more than 250 million people worldwide. The discovery reveals previously unknown detai more

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Hepatitis Hepatitis (plural hepatitides) implies injury to liver characterised by presence of inflammatory cell s in the liver tissue . Etymologically from ancient Greek hepar (ηπαρ) or hepato- (ηπατο-) meaning 'liver' and suffix -itis den ... more


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