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  • Therapeutic Antibodies Show Variations

    Differences in production methods for therapeutic antibodies can lead to variations in their structure, depending on the recombinant procedure selected. The distinctions, which are based on a number of glycosylations, even impact antibodies’ stability. This was the result of a high-precision compari more

  • A new formula for creating chemical reactions -- with carbs

    In the world of chemistry, good things can happen if you just add sugar. A wide range of drugs and biochemical probes -- everything from antibiotics to Alzheimer's disease biomarkers -- rely on natural or synthetic compounds that aid a reaction by adding carbohydrates. It's a process called glycosyl more

  • Computer analysis fills gaps in antibody blueprint

    Antibodies defend our bodies against intruders. These molecules consist of proteins with attached sugars. However, the blueprint directing the processing of these sugars on the protein was not well understood until now. Scientists from the Helmholtz Zentrum München used computer analysis to complete more

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Glycosylation Glycosylation is the process or result of addition of saccharide s to protein s and lipid s. The process is one of four principal co-translational and post-translational modification steps in the synthesis of membrane and secrete ... more


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