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Proteintech Europe Ltd, United Kingdom

As a company founded by scientists, Proteintech Group recognises the tireless efforts and sacrifices made by researchers to advance scientific discovery. Proteintech aims to match its’ customers’ dedication to research by providing high quality, reliable reagents that contribute to reproducible resu more

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  • New approach explains how protein complexes regulate cancer genes

    While NUP98-fusion proteins have been shown to cause leukaemia, the molecular mechanisms have so far been unknown. In a recently published study that was led by Vetmeduni Vienna, researchers have now been able to decipher an important part of these mechanisms. According to the study, a possible driv more

  • Mode of action of the vaccine adjuvant flagellin in fusion proteins has been clarified

    Fusion proteins consisting of antigens and the bacterial adjuvant flagellin are promising vaccine candidates. They have the potential to induce immune responses in a targeted and reliable manner, thus conveying protection against infectious diseases. In addition, they can favourably influence misdir more

  • RNA: a vicious pathway to cancer?

    According to the current doctrine, cancer cells develop due to mutations in genomic DNA. But could it be also caused also by faulty RNA molecules? A number of clues are pointing to this surprising hypothesis. Rolf Marschalek from the Institute of Pharmaceutical Biology at Goethe University Frankfurt more

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Fusion protein

Fusion protein Fusion proteins, also known as chimeric proteins, are proteins created through the joining of two or more gene s which originally coded for separate proteins. Translation of this fusion gene results in a single polypeptide wi ... more


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