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For your most valuable samples: CryoCube® ultra-low temperature freezer

The new Eppendorf CryoCube ultra-low temperature freezer combine maximum sample security with improved functionality more

TwinGuard ULT Freezers with Dual Cooling System for Maximum Sample Safety

Exceptional ease of use, data monitoring the Dual Cooling: if one system unexpectedly fails, the other can maintain the freezer in the -70 ˚C range more

Panasonic's VIP ECO ULT Freezers with Natural Refrigerants and Minimal Energy Consumption

Innovative technology and Class IIa medical device certification for secure storage of valuable research and clinical samples more

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  • Thermo Fisher Scientific Opens New Manufacturing Facility in China

    Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. announced the official opening of its new facility in Suzhou, China, for the manufacturing of life sciences consumables and equipment. The facility expands the company’s global manufacturing footprint and establishes local production capabilities to meet increased custo more

  • Along the motorway at 150 degrees below freezing

    It often used to be the case that a breakdown in the storage or transportation of laboratory samples would lead to the loss of months or years of research work. More and more companies from the medical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industries are therefore entrusting their valuable ref more

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  • Biobanking: Storing Samples for 30 Years in -86ºC ULT Freezers

    In Biobanking, sample security is of paramount importance. Thousands of potentially irreplaceable samples may be kept over several years for use in research, and knowing that storage systems are reliable and accurate enough to keep them safe is vital more

  • Cryopreservation without crosscontamination risk

    Biological materials such as cells or tissue samples will naturally change and deteriorate over time. In order to properly preserve them for later study, some means of halting these processes must be used that will not change the biological materials more

  • Twin Guard: Sample security in long term storage

    Secure sample storage plays a critical role in a wide range of medical and life science projects today where there is a need to maintain often very large numbers of biological samples at low and stable temperatures for long periods. Globally, close more

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  • Mouse Embryo Cryopreservation by Rapid Cooling

    Embryo cryopreservation has been used to archive mouse strains. Protocols have evolved over this time and now vary considerably in terms of cryoprotectant solution, cooling and warming rates, methods to add and remove cryoprotectant, container or carrier type, volume of cryoprotectant, the stage of more

  • [Business Office Feature] Adding efficiency to general lab equipment

    Sometimes the latest equipment in a laboratory, say a next-generation sequencer, grabs lots of attention, but it's the workhorses—centrifuges, hoods, freezers, incubators, and more—that keep experiments and workflows moving. These general lab tools often determine how smoothly andcost effectively a more

  • Correction

    Correction Nature 490, 7419 (2012). The article 'Building better biobanks' (Nature486, 141–146; 201210.1038/486141a) wrongly said that Freezerworks sells automated freezers. In fact, it makes data more

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