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  • The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2022 goes to Svante Pääbo: What makes us uniquely human?

    Humanity has always been intrigued by its origins. Where do we come from, and how are we related to those who came before us? What makes us, Homo sapiens, different from other hominins? Through his pioneering research, Svante Pääbo accomplished something seemingly impossible: sequencing the genome o more

  • Young genes adapt faster than old ones

    A new study from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology in Plön and the University of Sussex in the UK shows that the age of a gene determines how fast they adapt. These findings demonstrate how gene evolution occurs as an “adaptive walk” through time. New species arise and evolve because more

  • Why do we age?

    The evolution of aging is a particularly exciting field in theoretical evolutionary research. Scientists are trying to figure out why and when the phenomenon of aging developed over the course of evolution. Mathematical models can help to develop theories for a better understanding of aging. At the more

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  • Human influence on orangutans

    Evolutionary Biology The numbers of orangutans and their geographic distribution declined dramatically after the late Pleistocene. Experts have proposed climate change and human activities as possible causes. Synthesizing available archaeological, genetic, and behavioral data, Spehar et al. more

  • Hybrid camouflage variation

    Evolutionary Biology![Figure][1] Hybrid snowshoe hares can stay brown in snowless winters. CREDIT: MAURITIUS IMAGES GMBH/ALAMY STOCK PHOTO Snowshoe hares molt from a brown coat to a white coat in winter. In some populations, however, where winter snow is less extensive, hares molt from a more

  • Multicellular survival as a consequence of Parrondo’s paradox [Biological Sciences]

    In the face of inevitable aging and death, Nelson and Masel (NM) (1) argue that alternating life history stages between multicellularity and unicellularity enable the survival of multicellular lineages. This is exactly parallel to the game-theoretic Parrondo’s paradox (2), in which two individually more

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Evolutionary biology

Evolutionary biology Evolution ary biology is a sub-field of biology concerned with the origin of species from a common descent , and descent of species; as well as their change , multiplication, and diversity over time. One who studies evol ... more


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