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Waddliaceae is a family of bacteria in the order Chlamydiales, class Chlamydiae, phylum Chlamydiae, domain Bacteria. Species in this family have a chlamydia-like cycle of replication and their ribosomal RNA genes are 80–90% identical to ribosomal genes in the Chlamydiaceae. Waddliaceae currently includes one genus: Waddlia.

The type species is Waddlia chondrophila strain WSU 86-1044T, which was isolated from the tissues of a first-trimester aborted bovine fetus. Isolated in 1986, this species was originally characterized as a Rickettsia. DNA sequencing of the ribosomal genes corrected the characterization. Another W. chondrophila strain, 2032/99, was found along with Neospora caninum in a septic stillborn calf.

The species Waddlia malaysiensis G817 has been proposed. W. malaysiensis was identified in the urine of Malaysian fruit bats (Eonycteris spelaea).

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