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V. Craig Jordan

V. Craig Jordan, OBE, PhD, DSc
BornNew Braunfels, Texas, U.S.
ResidenceUK, U.S.
InstitutionsUniversity of Leeds; University of Wisconsin-Madison; Northwestern University; Fox Chase Cancer Center
Alma materUniversity of Leeds
Known forResearch on SERMs, particularly tamoxifen and raloxifene
Notable prizesKettering Prize; American Cancer Society Medal of Honor

Virgil Craig Jordan, OBE, PhD, DSc (born Texas, USA) is a scientist specializing in drugs for breast cancer treatment and prevention. Currently Vice President and Scientific Director for Medical Science at the Fox Chase Cancer Center, Jordan was the first to discover the breast cancer prevention properties of tamoxifen. More recently his work has branched out into the prevention of osteoporosis.

A highly regarded researcher, his paper The Effect of Raloxifene on Risk of Breast Cancer in Postmenopausal Women - Results from the more Randomized Trial was one of the top 20 most cited papers in breast cancer research during 2003 and 2004[1]


Early life

Born to an English mother and American father in New Braunfels, Texas, U.S., Jordan moved to England with his family as a child. He went to school in Cheshire before attending the University of Leeds where he received a BSc and PhD in Pharmacology.

Research career

Jordan began working on the structure-activity of anti-estrogens as part of his PhD at Leeds University. During that time he met Arthur Walpole the patent holder for the drug that became tamoxifen.

In September of 1972 Jordan became a visiting scientist at the Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology, Massachusetts. While there he began researching the idea that tamoxifen, a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM), could block estrogen receptors in breast tumors. Estrogen receptors in breast tumors attract estrogen which is then absorbed into the cancerous cell and encourages the cell to divide, causing the cancer to grow. Until this time, the treatment for this type of breast cancer was oophorectomy.

Jordan returned to Leeds University as a lecturer in pharmacology between 1974 and 1980, after which he spent one year at Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research at the University of Berne, Switzerland.

In 1980 Jordan joined the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he started to look at the effects of tamoxifen and another SERM, raloxifene, on bone density and coronary systems. This was needed because of the concern that long term use of SERMs could lead to osteoporosis and heart disease. Jordan's research showed that post-menopausal women who took these drugs did not suffer from a lowering of bone density or an increase in blood cholesterol. Raloxifene is now used in the prevention of osteoporosis. Jordan gained full professorship at Wisconsin in 1985, the same year his alma mater awarded him a DSc.

In 1993 Jordan became professor of cancer pharmacology at Northwestern University Medical School and director of the Breast Cancer Research Program at the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University.

Most recently, in January 2005, Jordan took over the Alfred G. Knudson Chair of Cancer Research at the Fox Chase Cancer Center. He has recently published work showing that estrogen, given at the right time, causes the destruction of cancer cells rather than feeding their growth.

Personal life

Jordan is married to Monica Morrow, M.D., a breast cancer surgeon and chairman of surgical oncology at Fox Chase Cancer Center. They co-authored the book Managing Breast Cancer Risk.


2006 American Cancer Society Award and Lecture.[2]

2003 Kettering Prize[3]

2002 American Cancer Society Medal of Honor for basic research.[4]

2002 named an OBE by Queen Elizabeth II for services to international breast cancer research. [5]

2001 Bristol-Myers Squibb Award for Distinguished Achievement in Cancer Research.[6]

2001 Doctor of Medicine,honoris causa from the University of Leeds[7]

1993 Cameron Prize from the University of Edinburgh[8]

1992 The Gaddum Memorial Award from the British Pharmacological Society[9]

1992 Brinker International Breast Cancer Award for Basic Science from Susan G. Komen for the Cure.[10]


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NAME Jordan, V. Craig
PLACE OF BIRTH New Braunfels, Texas, USA
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