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Small saphenous vein

Vein: Small saphenous vein
Small saphenous vein and its tributaries. (Small saphenous vein labeled vertically at center.)
Latin vena saphena parva
Gray's subject #173 670
Source dorsal venous arch of the foot
Drains to popliteal vein
Dorlands/Elsevier v_05/12851681

The small saphenous vein (also lesser saphenous vein), is a relatively large vein of the superficial posterior leg.


Its origin is where the dorsal vein from the fifth digit (smallest toe) merges with the dorsal venous arch of the foot, which attaches to the great saphenous vein. It is a considered a superficial vein and is subcutaneous (just under the skin).

From its origin, it courses around the lateral aspect of the foot (inferior and posterior to the lateral malleolus) and runs along the posterior aspect of the leg (with the sural nerve), passes between the heads of the gastrocnemius muscle, and drains into the popliteal vein, approximately at or above the level of the knee joint.

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