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Pelvic outlet

Bone: Pelvic outlet
Diameters of inferior aperture of lesser pelvis (female).
Muscles of the female perineum.
Latin apertura pelvis inferior
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The lower circumference of the lesser pelvis is very irregular; the space enclosed by it is named the inferior aperture or pelvic outlet.



It has the following boundaries:

  • behind: by the point of the coccyx
  • laterally: by the ischial tuberosities


These eminences are separated by three notches:

  • one in front, the pubic arch, formed by the convergence of the inferior rami of the ischium and pubis on either side.
  • The other notches, one on either side, are formed by the sacrum and coccyx behind, the ischium in front, and the ilium above; they are called the sciatic notches; in the natural state they are converted into foramina by the sacrotuberous and sacrospinous ligaments.

In situ

When the ligaments are in situ, the inferior aperture of the pelvis is lozenge-shaped, bounded as follows:

  • in front, by the pubic arcuate ligament and the inferior rami of the pubes and ischia
  • laterally, by the ischial tuberosities
  • behind, by the sacrotuberous ligaments and the tip of the coccyx.

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