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Nick Tatham

  Nick Tatham (born June 11, 1983 in Hong Kong) is a British singer/songwright who has dealt with Tourette syndrome for most of his life whilst writing and recording critically-acclaimed ballads, pop songs and other assorted modern music.[1]

He can play both the guitar and piano to a professional standard - something which is made even more incredible by the fact that he is completely self-taught. His talent has been publicly-recognised.[2]

Nick is currently signed to the En Masse Music & Publishing Ltd. label in the south of England and he has appeared in several television documentaries, most notably on the BBC. He also received the "Meridian Tonight Young Hero Award", live on TV in 2002, for his contributions to local music and his constant optimism and strength in dealing with his condition.[3] Nick made his feature film debut in 2004 with Richard Booth's Live for the Moment, a drama which chronicled the life of a person with Tourette's syndrome. Although the condition cannot be cured in the literal sense (it can only be controlled through medication), when Nick sings or composes music, his whole body changes and he "becomes a different person".


  • Tourette Blues (2000)
  • Love is All Around (2002)
  • Nick Tatham (demo recordings) (2005 & 2006)

Music videos

  • Different (single) (2006), directed by Richard Booth


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