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Lounsbery Award

The Richard Lounsbery Award is given to American and French scientists, 45 years or younger, in recognition of "extraordinary scientific achievement in biology and medicine."

The Award alternates between French and American scientists, and is awarded by the National Academy of Sciences and the Academie des Sciences de Institut de France (the French Academy of Sciences) in alternating years to a scientist from the other country. The award is selected by a seven-member jury representing both the French and the US Academies. The recipient receives a US$70,000 prize, funding to visit a lab or research institution in the awarding country, and an invitation to give the Lounsbery Lecture in the awarding country.

The Lounsbery Award was established in 1979 by Vera Lounsbery in memory of her husband, Richard Lounsbery, and is funded by the Richard Lounsbery Foundation. Richard and Vera met in Paris after World War I, and the couple divided their time between Paris and New York.

Award Recipients

  • Michael S. Brown and Joseph L. Goldstein (1979)
  • François Morel (1980)
  • Philip Leder (1981)
  • Pierre Chambon and Jean Pierre Changeux (1982)
  • Günter Blobel (1983)
  • Maxime Schwartz (1984)
  • Martin Gellert and Thomas Maniatis (1985)
  • André Capron and Jacques Glowinski (1986)
  • Alfred G. Gilman and Martin Rodbell (1987)
  • François Cuzin (1988)
  • Richard Axel (1989)
  • Jean Rosa (1990)
  • Marc W. Kirschner and Harold Weintraub (1991)
  • Philippe Ascher and Henri Korn (1992)
  • Stanley B. Prusiner and Bert Vogelstein (1993)
  • Jean Louis Mandel (1994)
  • Douglas A. Melton (1995)
  • Daniel Louvard and Jacques Pouysségur (1996)
  • James E. Rothman (1997)
  • Pascale Cossart (1998)
  • Elliot M. Meyerowitz (1999)
  • Miroslav Radman (2000)
  • Elaine Fuchs (2001)
  • Denis Le Bihan (2002)
  • Carol W. Greider (2003)
  • Brigitte Kieffer (2004)
  • John Kuriyan (2005)
  • Catherine Dulac (2006)
  • Xiaodong Wang (2007)
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