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List of monoclonal antibodies

This is a list of monoclonal antibodies, antibodies which are clones of a single parent cell. When used as medications, the generic names end in -mab (see "Nomenclature of monoclonal antibodies").

Name Target Source Notes
Abagovomab go(v) o
Abciximab ci(r) xi
Adalimumab li(m) u
Adecatumumab tu(m) u
Alemtuzumab tu(m) zu
Altumomab tu(m) o
Afelimomab li(m) o
Anatumomab mafenatox tu(m) o
Anetumumab tu(m) u
Anrukizumab ki(n) zu
Apolizumab li(m) zu
Arcitumomab tu(m) o
Aselizumab li(m) zu
Atlizumab li(m) zu
Atorolimumab li(m) u
Bapineuzumab neu(r) zu
Basiliximab li(m) xi
Bavituximab tu(m) xi
Bectumomab tu(m) o
Belimumab li(m) u
Bertilimumab li(m) u
Besilesomab le(s) o
Bevacizumab ci(r) zu
Biciromab brallobarbital ci(r) o
Bivatuzumab mertansine tu(m) zu
Campath - Redirects to alemtuzumab tu(m) zu
Canakinumab ki(n) u
Cantuzumab mertansine tu(m) zu
Capromab pr(o) o
Catumaxomab tu(m) axo
Cedelizumab li(m) zu
Certolizumab pegol li(m) zu
Cetuximab tu(m) xi
Clenoliximab li(m) xi
Dacetuzumab tu(m) zu
Dacliximab - Redirects to daclizumab li(m) zu
Daclizumab li(m) zu
Denosumab o(s) u
Detumomab tu(m) o
Dorlimomab aritox li(m) o
Dorlixizumab li(m) xizu
Duntumumab tu(m) u
Durimulumab mu(l) u
Durmulumab mu(l) u
Ecromeximab me(l) xi
Eculizumab li(m) zu
Edobacomab ba(c) o
Edrecolomab co(l) o
Efalizumab li(m) zu blocks T-cell migration
Efungumab fu(ng) u
Elsilimomab li(m) o
Enlimomab pegol li(m) o
Epitumomab cituxetan tu(m) o
Epitumomab tu(m) o
Epratuzumab tu(m) zu
Erlizumab li(m) zu
Ertumaxomab tu(m) axo
Etaracizumab ci(r) zu
Etaratuzumab tu(m) zu
Exbivirumab vi(r) u
Efalizumab li(m) zu
Fanolesomab le(s) o
Faralimomab li(m) o
Felvizumab vi(r) zu
Fontolizumab li(m) zu
Galiximab li(m) xi
Gantenerumab  ? u
Gavilimomab li(m) o
Gemtuzumab ozogamicin tu(m) zu
Golimumab li(m) u
Gomiliximab li(m) xi
Ibalizumab li(m) zu
Ibritumomab tiuxetan tu(m) o
Igovomab go(v) o
Imciromab ci(r) o
Infliximab li(m) xi
Inolimomab li(m) o
Inotuzumab ozogamicin tu(m) zu
Ipilimumab li(m) u
Iratumumab tu(m) u
Keliximab li(m) xi
Labetuzumab tu(m) zu
Lemalesomab le(s) o
Lebrilizumab li(m) zu
Lerdelimumab li(m) u
Lexatumumab tu(m) u
Lexitumumab tu(m) u
Libivirumab vi(r) u
Lintuzumab tu(m) zu
Lucatumumab tu(m) u
Lumiliximab li(m) xi
Mapatumumab tu(m) u
Maslimomab li(m) o
Matuzumab tu(m) zu
Mepolizumab li(m) zu
Metelimumab li(m) u
Milatuzumab tu(m) zu
Minretumomab tu(m) o
Mitumomab tu(m) o
Morolimumab li(m) u
Motavizumab vi(r) zu
Muromonab-CD3 monoclonal antibody  ? o
Nacolomab tafenatox co(l) o
Naptumomab estafenatox tu(m) o
Natalizumab li(m) zu
Nebacumab ba(c) u
Nerelimomab li(m) o
Nimotuzumab tu(m) zu
Nofetumomab merpentan tu(m) o
Ocrelizumab li(m) zu
Odulimomab li(m) o
Ofatumumab tu(m) u
Omalizumab li(m) zu
Oregovomab go(v) o
Otelixizumab li(m) xizu
Pagibaximab ba(c) xi
Palivizumab vi(r) zu
Panitumumab tu(m) u
Pascolizumab li(m) zu
Pemtumomab tu(m) o
Pertuzumab tu(m) zu
Pexelizumab li(m) zu
Pintumomab tu(m) o
Priliximab li(m) xi
Pritumumab tu(m) u
PRO 140  ?  ?
Ranibizumab  ? zu
Raxibacumab ba(c) u
Regavirumab vi(r) u
Reslizumab li(m) zu
Rituximab tu(m) xi
Rovelizumab li(m) zu
Ruplizumab li(m) zu
Satumomab tu(m) o
Sevirumab vi(r) u
Sibrotuzumab tu(m) zu
Siplizumab li(m) zu
Sontuzumab tu(m) zu
Stamulumab mu(l) u
Sulesomab le(s) o
Tacatuzumab tetraxetan tu(m) zu
Tadocizumab ci(r) zu
Talizumab li(m) zu
Taplitumomab paptox tu(m) o
Tefibazumab ba(c) zu
Telimomab aritox li(m) o
Teneliximab li(m) xi
Teplizumab li(m) zu
Ticilimumab - Redirects to tremelimumab li(m) u
Tocilizumab li(m) zu
Toralizumab li(m) zu
Tositumomab tu(m) o
Tremelimumab li(m) u
Tucotuzumab celmoleukin tu(m) zu
Tuvirumab vi(r) u
Urtoxazumab tox(a) zu
Vapaliximab li(m) xi
Veltuzumab tu(m) zu
Vepalimomab li(m) o
Visilizumab li(m) zu
Volociximab ci(r) xi
Votumumab tu(m) u
Zalutumumab tu(m) u
Zanolimumab li(m) u
Ziralimumab li(m) u
Zolimomab aritox li(m) o
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