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Julius Vincenz von Krombholz

Julius Vincenz von Krombholz (1782–1843) was a German physician and mycologist. He studied medicine at the University of Prague, receiving his doctorate in 1814. In 1828 he was appointed professor of special pathology and therapy. Krombholz used his influence to help the penniless August Carl Joseph Corda (1809-1849) get admitted to the University of Prague.

Along with his career in medicine, Krombholz had a keen interest in mycology. He performed many experiments involving the toxicity of mushrooms. He is best known for creating Naturgetreue Abbildungen und Beschreibungen DER essbaren, schädlichen und verdächtigen Schwämme, a written work on mushrooms that was based on his own observations, and published between 1831 and 1846. It is known for its true-to-nature pictures and descriptions of edible, harmful and suspect mushrooms. Krombholz died before finishing the work, and the end of the work was published posthumously by Johann Baptista Zobel (1812-1865).

Pictures extracted from the Naturgetreue Abbildungen und Beschreibungen der essbaren

  • The standard botanical author abbreviation Krombh. is applied to species he described.


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