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Inner Wheel Club

Inner Wheel Club is an international organisation which is closely linked to the Rotary Club. Prior to 1989, Rotary generally prohibited women as members. The change in the international organization occurred only after many years of debate and a case before the United States Supreme Court (for more information, see the relevant section of the Rotary International article). Even after the change, women today make up only a tenth of the club's membership.[citation needed]

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As a result of their non-membership in Rotary, a second club was made for the wives and daughters of Rotarians, known as the Inner Wheel Club. Despite women now being able to join Rotary, many Inner Wheels still exist in many different countries.

The International Inner Wheel objectives are as follows:

  • Promoting true friendship.
  • Encouraging the ideals of personal service
  • Fostering international understanding.
  • 2005/6 Theme - "Support Gives Strength"
  • 2006/7 Theme - "Show that you care through friendship and service"

Inner Wheel Districts

  • District 2
  • District 7
  • District 15
  • District 21
  • District 25
  • District 26

Inner Wheel Clubs

  • Bhubaneswar
  • Buckingham
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