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Hemodialysis product

Hemodialysis product (HDP) - is a number used to quantify hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis treatment adequacy.

It was proposed by Scribner and Oreopoulous[1] because of their perceived inadequacy of the Kt/V measure of dialysis adequacy. It has not been widely adopted.

The HDP is defined by the following empirical formula:

HDP = t * f 2


  • HDP - hemodialysis product
  • t - dialysis time (hours/dialysis session)
  • f - dialysis frequency (dialysis sessions/week)

The formula, like all empirical formulae, has no theoretical basis. The HDP has not seen widespread use.


  1. ^ Scribner BH, Oreopoulos DG, The Hemodialysis Product (HDP): A Better Index of Dialysis Adequacy than Kt/V, Dialysis & Transplantation, 2002 Jan;31(1):13-15. Full Text Full Text (Mirror)

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