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Gastric chief cell

Gastric chief cell
H&E stain of fundic gland polyp showing shortening of the gastric pits with cystic dilatation
A fundus gland. A. Transverse section of gland.
Dorlands/Elsevier c_18/12222877

A gastric chief cell (or peptic cell, or gastric zymogenic cell) is a cell in the stomach that releases pepsinogen, gastric lipase and rennin. The cell stains basophilic upon H&E prep due to the large proportion of rough endoplasmic reticulum in it's cytoplasm.

It works in conjunction with the parietal cell which releases gastric acid, converting the pepsinogen into pepsin.


The terms "chief cell" and "zymogenic cell" are often used without the word "gastric" to name this type of cell. However those terms can also be used to describe other cell types (for example, parathyroid chief cells.)  

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