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David Bruce (microbiologist)

Sir David Bruce (May 29, 1855, Melbourne - November 27, 1931) was a Scottish pathologist and microbiologist who investigated the Malta-fever and trypanosomes, identifying the cause of sleeping sickness.

He was born in Australia but returned with his family to Scotland at the age of 5. He was educated at Stirling High School and then studied medicine at the University of Edinburgh.

After a brief period as a general practitioner he joined the Army Medical Service and in 1884 was stationed in Malta, where he identified Malta Fever.

He won the Leeuwenhoek Medal in 1915.

Brucella is a genus of the Bacteriaceae which is named for him. Brucella melitensis is the cause of undulant fever in man and of abortion in goats. It is usually transmitted by goat's milk.

Names of undulant fever

Malta fever
Mediterranean fever
continued fever
Cyprus fever
goat fever
Gibraltar fever
mountain fever
Neapolitan fever
rock fever
slow fever
febris melitensis
febris undulans
Bruce's septicemia
melitensis septicemia
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