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CovalX AG
HeadquartersZurich,  Switzerland
Area servedWorldwide
IndustryLife Sciences
ProductsHardware, software & chemicals
ServicesMS Analysis
SloganSolutions for Protein Complex Analysis

CovalX AG is a Zürich, Switzerland-based company which develops and manufactures scientific instrumentation for academic research and industrial use. CovalX was originally founded as CovalX GmbH in November 2005 by Ryan Wenzel, Alexis Nazabal and Urs Matter and was converted in January 2007 to its current AG status to allow additional investor into the company.

Additional recommended knowledge

The companies products are focused on measureing intact protein complexes by MALDI mass spectrometry. They distribute chemical kits, high mass detection hardware and analysis software and also provides analyis services.


In May 2006, Red Herring magazine selected CovalX to its Red Herring Top 100 Europe list, honoring CovalX as one of Europes 100 “Most Promising” Firms.

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