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Cēpacol (pronounced SEE-puh-kawl) is an American brand of personal hygiene products.

They were originally recognized for their yellow mouthwash, the active ingredient of which is Ceepryn® (cetylpyridinium chloride), hence the company's name. The distinctive flavor and color is known as "Original Gold". Cēpacol claims that their mouthwash is the most-used brand in hospitals.[1]

Cēpacol also makes oral anesthetics, such as its cherry flavored throat spray and soother that provides temporary pain relief for an 'itchy' or sore throat. After a strong show in the stock market, Cēpacol began coming out with different health and hygiene products including throat lozenges. The major active ingredients of the sugar-free lozenges are cetylpyridinium chloride, benzocaine (which produces the numbing sensation), and menthol. The major active ingredient in the sore throat sprays is Dyclonine hydrochloride.


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