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Barton Center for Diabetes Education

The Barton Center for Diabetes Education is an independent organization, located in North Oxford, Massachusetts, dedicated to the education of children living with diabetes and their families and caregivers through year-round programs.[1]



In 1921, on the 100th anniversary of the birth of humanitarian Clara Barton, the Women's National Missionary Association of the Universalist Church gained control of her birthplace and the land surrounding the property and created a "fresh air camp" for inner city youths in honor of their famous member.[2] Also in that year, insulin was discovered as a means to treat diabetes, children diagnosed with a disease that was once a death sentence were faced with the day-to-day care for the disease, as were their families.[3]

In 1932, Elliott P. Joslin, pioneer in diabetes research, education, and care, teamed up with the Women's National Missionary Association of the Universalist Church to form the Clara Barton Birthplace Camp for girls[4]. This "hospital in the woods" was to be an "island of safety" for girls with diabetes where recreation and fun was combined with diabetes education.[5] The successes of the camp prompted the creation of the Elliott P. Joslin Camp for boys with diabetes, and the two camps became the most successful and largest programs of their kind[6].

Over time, the growth and success of the camps grew to the point where the Joslin Diabetes Center took over full control of the boy's camp, and in 1985 Clara Barton Camp became its own non-profit organization and focused on not only summer camping for girls, but also on year-round programs that include their families and friends as well[7].

Summer Programs

Residential Camp

Summer camp sessions for girls ages 6-17 that have been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes[8]

Day Camp

Day camp programs for children with diabetes throughout New England[9].

Adventure Camp

Nature-oriented outdoor camping program for children with diabetes[10].


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