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The Meth Song

The Meth Song is the popular name for a famous anti-drug advertisement from the late 1990s. It features an upbeat commercial jingle, remarkably similar to the songs used in the Folgers coffee commercials around the same time (this is likely no coincidence), singing about the effects of Methamphetamine on the body. The song was created by the Office of National Drug Policy in partnership for a Drug Free America. It was pulled shortly after it was introduced because it seemed to a casual observer to be advocating methamphetamine use. The sarcastic nature of the ad, and the catchiness of the tune, have made this commercial a cult classic.

The lyrics to the jingle read as follows:

Look at me, busy as a bee
Where'd I get all this energy?
Oh, meth. Mmm, meth!
I don't sleep and I don't eat
but I've got the cleanest house on the street
Oh, meth. Mmm, meth!
Get these hairs all out of my face
Get these bugs all out of my place
One more hit, no time to waste
Oh, meth. Mmm, meth!

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