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ApothéCure Inc.

ApothéCure Inc. is a Dallas, Texas-based compounding pharmacy that specializes in custom compounded formulas and nutritional supplements for both patients and physicians. The business began pharmacy operations in 1991. ApothéCure is a sister corporation of the Texas Institute of Functional Medicines. ApothéCure is regulated by the Texas State Board of Pharmacy.

ApothéCure's products include compounds such as bioidentical hormones, thyroid and adrenal, ophthalmic drops, mesotherapy, prolotherapy and chelation therapy compounds. ApothéCure was referenced in Natural Health magazine in an April 2004 article,[1] and in several books, such as Digestive Wellness by Brand and Lipinski, and Suzanne Somers' The Sexy Years. ApothéCure is affiliated with several organizations, including the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. Professionally, ApothéCure is a member of The International Association of Compounding Pharmacies and The International Academy of Clinical Nutritionists.


ApothéCure has been implicated in the March and April, 2007, deaths of three patients from the Pacific Northwest. The patients were each given intravenous colchicine, a toxic substance commonly used in naturopathic medicine,[2] for treatment of back pain. The colchicine, however, was labeled incorrectly and was ten times more concentrated than listed on the vials, resulting in toxic doses.[2][3][4] The colchicine has since been recalled as with any suspected adverse drug event.[5]

ApothéCure was investigated in 2004 following complaints that its compounds (testosterone and growth hormones) may have been illegally dispensed to patients, including a pregnant woman.[6] Pharmacy board officials found insufficient evidence to discipline the company, but issued a letter of warning.[6] In the 2007 deaths, however, there may have been several violations committed, including ApothéCure being unlicensed to sell drugs in Oregon.[6][7]

Attorneys general in Oregon and Texas have filed lawsuits against ApothéCure Inc. and the company's owner, Gary Osborn of Dallas, Texas.[8] The case is being jointly prosecuted between Oregon Attorney General Hardy Myers and Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, asserting that "the company failed to follow standard safety practices and exceeded their authorized scope of practice as a compounding pharmacy".[7] According to Meyers, ApotheCure's error reflected a pattern of substandard care and was not an isolated incident.[7] The Texas suit alleges that the pharmacy "failed to use proper manufacturing practices, employed incorrect labels and made exaggerated claims about the benefits of its dietary supplements."[8]

The Pennsylvania Department of Health issued a statewide alert in 2004 after three Pennsylvania patients had reactions following intravenous injections of the ApothéCure-supplied drug phosphatidylcholine.[6][9]


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