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Agnivesh tantra

Agnivesha tantra is a compilation of the teachings of Ayurveda as given by the Sage Bharadwaja by Agnivesha.

Later Charaka modified the Agnivesha tantra in his own way with a new collection of thoughts and material regarding Ayurveda, available at that time.[1] The Charaka Samhita is a modified form of the teachings of Agnivesha, which was collected by him after grasping the knowledge of Ayurveda from Sage Bharadwaj.

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  1. ^ An extract from the Charaka Samhita in Sanskrit is: Agniveshakrute Tantrey Charakaprati sansakrute meaning "the tantra (Agnivesha) as written by Agnivesha is compiled, edited and modified by Charaka".
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