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ATC code G04

A section of the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System.

G Genito-urinary system and sex hormones


G04B Other urologicals, including antispasmodics

G04BA Acidifiers

G04BA01 Ammonium chloride
G04BA03 Calcium chloride

G04BC Urinary concrement solvents

G04BD Urinary antispasmodics

G04BD01 Emepronium
G04BD02 Flavoxate
G04BD03 Meladrazine
G04BD04 Oxybutynin
G04BD05 Terodiline
G04BD06 Propiverine
G04BD07 Tolterodine
G04BD08 Solifenacin
G04BD09 Trospium
G04BD10 Darifenacin

G04BE Drugs used in erectile dysfunction

G04BE01 Alprostadil
G04BE02 Papaverine
G04BE03 Sildenafil
G04BE04 Yohimbin
G04BE05 Phentolamine
G04BE06 Moxisylyte
G04BE07 Apomorphine
G04BE08 Tadalafil
G04BE09 Vardenafil
G04BE30 Combinations
G04BE52 Papaverine, combinations

G04BX Other urologicals

G04BX01 Magnesium hydroxide
G04BX03 Acetohydroxamic acid
G04BX06 Phenazopyridine
G04BX10 Succinimide
G04BX11 Collagen
G04BX12 Phenyl salicylate
G04BX13 Dimethyl sulfoxide

G04C Drugs used in benign prostatic hypertrophy

G04CA Alpha-adrenoreceptor antagonists

G04CA01 Alfuzosin
G04CA02 Tamsulosin
G04CA03 Terazosin

G04CB Testosterone-5-alpha reductase inhibitors

G04CB01 Finasteride
G04CB02 Dutasteride

G04CX Other drugs used in benign prostatic hypertrophy

G04CX01 Pygeum africanum
G04CX02 Serenoa repens
G04CX03 Mepartricin
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