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ATC code C01

A section of the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System.

C Cardiovascular system


C01A Cardiac glycosides

C01AA Digitalis glycosides

C01AA01 Acetyldigitoxin
C01AA02 Acetyldigoxin
C01AA03 Digitalis leaves
C01AA04 Digitoxin
C01AA05 Digoxin
C01AA06 Lanatoside C
C01AA07 Deslanoside
C01AA08 Metildigoxin
C01AA09 Gitoformate
C01AA52 Acetyldigoxin, combinations

C01AB Scilla glycosides

C01AB01 Proscillaridin
C01AB51 Proscillaridin, combinations

C01AC Strophantus glycosides

C01AC01 G-strophanthin
C01AC03 Cymarin

C01AX Other cardiac glycosides

C01AX02 Peruvoside

C01B Antiarrhythmics, class I and III

C01BA Antiarrhythmics, class Ia

C01BA01 Quinidine
C01BA02 Procainamide
C01BA03 Disopyramide
C01BA04 Sparteine
C01BA05 Ajmaline
C01BA08 Prajmaline
C01BA12 Lorajmine
C01BA51 Quinidine, combinations excluding psycholeptics
C01BA71 Quinidine, combinations with psycholeptics

C01BB Antiarrhythmics, class Ib

C01BB01 Lidocaine
C01BB02 Mexiletine
C01BB03 Tocainide
C01BB04 Aprindine

C01BC Antiarrhythmics, class Ic

C01BC03 Propafenone
C01BC04 Flecainide
C01BC07 Lorcainide
C01BC08 Encainide

C01BD Antiarrhythmics, class III

C01BD01 Amiodarone
C01BD02 Bretylium tosilate
C01BD03 Bunaftine
C01BD04 Dofetilide
C01BD05 Ibutilide

C01BG Other class I antiarrhythmics

C01BG01 Moracizine
C01BG07 Cibenzoline

C01C Cardiac stimulants excluding cardiac glycosides

C01CA Adrenergic and dopaminergic agents

C01CA01 Etilefrine
C01CA02 Isoprenaline
C01CA03 Norepinephrine
C01CA04 Dopamine
C01CA05 Norfenefrine
C01CA06 Phenylephrine
C01CA07 Dobutamine
C01CA08 Oxedrine
C01CA09 Metaraminol
C01CA10 Methoxamine
C01CA11 Mephentermine
C01CA12 Dimetofrine
C01CA13 Prenalterol
C01CA14 Dopexamine
C01CA15 Gepefrine
C01CA16 Ibopamine
C01CA17 Midodrine
C01CA18 Octopamine
C01CA19 Fenoldopam
C01CA21 Cafedrine
C01CA22 Arbutamine
C01CA23 Theodrenaline
C01CA24 Epinephrine
C01CA30 Combinations
C01CA51 Etilefrine, combinations

C01CE Phosphodiesterase inhibitors

C01CE01 Amrinone
C01CE02 Milrinone
C01CE03 Enoximone
C01CE04 Bucladesine

C01CX Other cardiac stimulants

C01CX06 Angiotensinamide
C01CX07 Xamoterol
C01CX08 Levosimendan

C01D Vasodilators used in cardiac diseases

C01DA Organic nitrates

C01DA02 Glyceryl trinitrate
C01DA04 Methylpropylpropanediol dinitrate
C01DA05 Pentaerithrityl tetranitrate
C01DA07 Propatylnitrate
C01DA08 Isosorbide dinitrate
C01DA09 Trolnitrate
C01DA13 Eritrityl tetranitrate
C01DA14 Isosorbide mononitrate
C01DA20 Organic nitrates in combination
C01DA38 Tenitramine
C01DA52 Glyceryl trinitrate, combinations
C01DA54 Methylpropylpropanediol dinitrate, combinations
C01DA55 Pentaerithrityl tetranitrate, combinations
C01DA57 Propatylnitrate, combinations
C01DA58 Isosorbide dinitrate, combinations
C01DA59 Trolnitrate, combinations
C01DA63 Eritrityl tetranitrate, combinations
C01DA70 Organic nitrates in combination with psycholeptics

C01DB Quinolone vasodilators

C01DB01 Flosequinan

C01DX Other vasodilators used in cardiac diseases

C01DX01 Itramin tosilate
C01DX02 Prenylamine
C01DX03 Oxyfedrine
C01DX04 Benziodarone
C01DX05 Carbocromen
C01DX06 Hexobendine
C01DX07 Etafenone
C01DX08 Heptaminol
C01DX09 Imolamine
C01DX10 Dilazep
C01DX11 Trapidil
C01DX12 Molsidomine
C01DX13 Efloxate
C01DX14 Cinepazet
C01DX15 Cloridarol
C01DX16 Nicorandil
C01DX18 Linsidomine
C01DX19 Nesiritide
C01DX51 Itramin tosilate, combinations
C01DX52 Prenylamine, combinations
C01DX53 Oxyfedrine, combinations
C01DX54 Benziodarone, combinations

C01E Other cardiac preparations

C01EA Prostaglandins

C01EA01 Alprostadil

C01EB Other cardiac preparations

C01EB02 Camphor
C01EB03 Indometacin
C01EB04 Crataegus glycosides
C01EB05 Creatinolfosfate
C01EB06 Fosfocreatine
C01EB07 Fructose 1,6-diphosphate
C01EB09 Ubidecarenone
C01EB10 Adenosine
C01EB11 Tiracizine
C01EB12 Tedisamil
C01EB13 Acadesine
C01EB15 Trimetazidine
C01EB16 Ibuprofen
C01EB17 Ivabradine
C01EB18 Ranolazine

C01EX Other cardiac combination products

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