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Dynamic Light Scattering

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Wyatt Technology Europe GmbH, Germany

Das Hauptanwendungsgebiet liegt in der chromatographischen Kopplung. Mit dem DAWN und der ASTRA-Software für GPC – HPLC oder jede andere Art von chromatographischer Trennung – bestimmen Sie absolute Molmassen ohne Säulenkalibrierung und Standards! more

Postnova Analytics GmbH, Germany

Leading Manufacturer of Systems and Services for Field-Flow Fractionation and Light Scattering used for the Separation and Characterization of Biopolymers, Protein Aggregates and Nanoparticles. Chromatography Supplies and Consumables for GPC, SEC, HPLC and CE. more

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Eclipse DUALTEC - the New Dimension in Flow-FFF

The new Eclipse DUALTEC brings high-end separation technology to your lab. It allows the standardization and highest reproducibility more

Accurate Particle Analysis Even in Highly Concentrated and Turbid Samples

NanoLab 3D reliably gives you the accurate particle size, irrespective of whether you are measuring turbid or highly concentrated sample solutions more

Wyatt Technology's MöBiuζ – the Finest, Most Versatile Light Scattering Instrument

The first and only light scattering instrument that makes reliable, reproducible, and non-destructive electrophoretic mobility measurements more

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Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) - Data Interpretation

The Zetasizer Nano uses the ISO recommended Cumulants approach to measure the mean sample size and polydispersity index from dynamic light scattering measurements to ensure compliance with international standards


Protein melting Point

The Zetasizer Nano, using dynamic light scattering, can monitor the thermal denaturation of proteins leading to irreversible loss of structure and function as the protein unfolds, and the effects of modifications such as glycosylation


Monitoring and predicting protein formulation stability

The Zetasizer Nano measures size using dynamic light scattering to monitor time dependent aggregation of protein formulations, and zeta potential to characterize surface properties, that can be linked with stability and shelf life

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Dynamic light scattering

Dynamic light scattering Dynamic light scattering (also known as Photon Correlation Spectroscopy) is a powerful technique in physics , which can be used to determine the size distribution profile of small s in solution . Description When light h ... more


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