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Drug Resistance

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  • Bacteria shredding tech to fight drug-resistant superbugs

    Researchers have used liquid metals to develop new bacteria-destroying technology that could be the answer to the deadly problem of antibiotic resistance. The technology uses nano-sized particles of magnetic liquid metal to shred bacteria and bacterial biofilm – the protective “house” that bacteria more

  • Bacterial lifestyle alters the evolution of antibiotic resistance

    How bacteria live -- whether as independent cells or in a communal biofilm -- determines how they evolve antibiotic resistance, which could lead to more personalized approaches to antimicrobial therapy and infection control. University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine researchers repeatedly exposed more

  • Multidrug-resistant malaria spreading in Asia

    Genomic surveillance has revealed that malaria resistance to two first-line antimalarial drugs has spread rapidly from Cambodia to neighbouring countries in Southeast Asia. Researchers from the Wellcome Sanger Institute, University of Oxford and Mahidol University, Bangkok, discovered that descendan more

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Drug resistance

Drug resistance Drug resistance is the reduction in effectiveness of a drug in curing a disease or improving a patient's symptoms. When the drug is not intended to kill or inhibit a pathogen , then the term is equivalent to dosage failure or ... more


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